Fashion Internship Review: COOGI


Posted on 11/11/11

Name of Company:
COOGI – menswear

Duration of internship:
7+ months

Did you do this internship within the last two years?

New York, NY

What kind of internship was this?
School Credit

Number of days worked per week & Number of hours worked per week:
2-3 days –During school 15 hrs/ Summer hrs- 24 hrs

How did you find this internship?

What kind of work did you do and how relevant were your projects?
I learned so much while I was interning at Coogi. I learned how to do pattern repeats on cads in plaids and stripes, how to freehand new styles and fill them in, I was able to help design a collection with one of the other designers. I worked on trim, met with the merchandiser etc.. I thought it was a great learning experience. Before getting there I knew that Adobe Illustrator was important, but I did not have the confidence that I needed that comes with experience to land a job after school. My first job was very fast paced and from my internship I felt I had the skills to help me, because they trained me to work faster and smarter by showing me short cuts for design details and giving me deadlines to finish small projects. I highly interning there.. great people and a laid back environment.

Number of interns you worked with on a daily basis:

Did this internship network you into other opportunities?

Describe the dress code:

Rate the level of friendliness in the office:

Rate the level of professionalism in the office:

Please rate your internship from 1-10:

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