FASHIONARY: (n.) fash-ion-ary


Finally- A sketchbook combined with intensive fashion information and blended figure templates!

Graphic designer, Penter Yip, who noticed the lack of tailor-made tools for fashion designers, combined intensive fashion information together with a type of self-invented figure template (later to be known as Fashionary templates) to create the ultimate sketchbook for both womenswear and menswear- the Fashion + Dictionary + Diary.

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+ figure templates to draw over!
     For an item that is meant to be extremely personal, the Fashionary sketchbook reinvents the idea of effective visual thought organization.  The lightly dotted figure croquis are subtle so sketchers can quickly jot down quick thoughts and personal imagery.  Whether ideas communicate to us through specific details or broad concepts, Fashionary accommodates both thought processes- and much more.

By providing spec sheets and fabric classification, Fashionary proves itself to be informative and gives the sketcher room to be imaginative first and creative later.  The sketchbook is made of 100 gsm vanilla paper, so your text or drawings won’t bleed through and to your other drawings.

Womenswear Fashionary:

Menswear Fashionary:

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