Hallyu Idol Training Services New York: Paid Fashion, Hair & Make-up Intern


Hallyu Idol Training Services New York, LLC
Fashion, Hair and Make-up
Hours: Flexible

Hallyu Idol Training Services New York, LLC is looking for excited and passionate interns that wish to expand their horizons in the fashion, hair and make-up industry.

Prospective interns interested in hair and make-up will be under the guidance of Amy Chin. Under Amy’s guidance, interns will be able to learn about the fast-paced cosmetic industry through hands-on experience. HITSNY will be hosting several events that will give interns an opportunity to show-case how well they use their experience. The events will also give interns an opportunity to work with Korean celebrities.

Applicants interested in fashion will be working under the director of fashion who holds over 20 years of experience. Interns seeking this position will learn the basics of fashion and how to the back-end of the industry is organized. Events hosted by HITSNY will be a great opportunity for interns to show their sense of fashion and work with Korean celebrities.

Anyone who is currently studying fashion, hair and make-up or has 2+ years of experience is encouraged to apply.

For more information or to submit a resume and cover letter, email us at info@hitsny.com

Posted 1/3/2012

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