Fashion Internship Review: Narciso Rodriguez


Posted on 1/6/2012

Name of Company:
Narciso Rodriguez

Duration of internship:
1-3 months

Did you do this internship within the last two years?


What kind of internship was this?

Number of days worked per week & Number of hours worked per week:
3 full days

How did you find this internship?

What kind of work did you do and how relevant were your projects?
Everything, it was kind of a hot mess there so interns did whatever was necessary to keep the flow going. I even had to sit front desk at reception and answer the phone.

Number of interns you worked with on a daily basis:

Describe the dress code:
I guess casual is the correct term but everyone dressed nicely just because thats the way they were.

Rate the level of professionalism in the office:

Please rate your internship from 1-10:

Additional comments:
It’s really quiet in the office. We would whisper to talk. I think as a first internship it would be a good opportunity, you really do learn a lot- but for me it was a pretty painful process.

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  • designernyc

    This was my same exact experience. I was planning on interning all summer there but I couldn’t take more than a month and even that was a stretch to finish. It’s a shame that everyone immediately looks to this name on my resume and it was by far the most uninteresting and least educational of all my internships.

  • anon

    Terrible, terrible internship. Interns sit around and basically wait for something to do all day. Design team is completely separated from the intern space. NOT RECOMMENDED.

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