Interning at the Source


Have you ever had doubts about your internship at one point?
“Am at the right internship?”  
“What am I learning so far and when should I start seeing the fruit of my labor?”

Last week, I had written about Fashion Design Concepts and it’s role in the fashion district.  It doesn’t glisten with glamour nor does it ring a million buzz-worthy names, but looking beyond the surface, FD Concepts seems like it can provide an internship experience that is both more labor-worthy and valuable for long-term knowledge than you may think.

At FD Concepts, your skills may not only be put to good use, but you may also discover new ones and see them blossom.  Particularly for evening wear students, prospective interns who plan on starting their own business will be able to hone the skills they’ve learned in school and also be exposed to the financial side of the company.

No, the opportunity isn’t paid, but do the math- they produce in New York.

Being able to see how to make a sale to clients and have exposure to high-end designers is a rare experience to come across and a sharp contrast from working at a well-known company with 40 interns who quickly come and go.  Interns at FDConcepts will learn about marketing, embroidery with machines, and increase your knowledge about production in New York.

Dear ambitious young designers,
Experience > “Name of high-end label”
“Even so, how will I know if this is the right place for me?”

In the fashion industry, not all good things may come to those who wait, but for those who do their research, it’s probably a 90% chance those happy results will (as opposed to jumping in a dark hole with your fingers crossed).

QC wants to promote sensible thinking and denounce short-sighted assumptions.

Myth: If i have a lot of impressive internships on my resume, I’ll have a higher chance of getting it made in the industry.

It has to do with luck, charm, your talent as a worker, your openminded-ness, and your networking.

Luck, you can’t control.
Your openminded-ness and charm, practice it.

But as for your talent as a worker and your networking skills, it helps to do research on where you can use those skills and what kind of people are working where you want to be.  Another possible title of the post could also read, “Intern at YOUR source.”

Your choice of internships goes hand-in-hand with any sort of goal you have in mind.  It sounds like common sense at first glance, but interview yourself and test your research:

*Why do you want to intern at <BLANK>?
*No, it is not enough to say that you love their clothes.

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