Find + Follow Your Passion: A Conference by NY Creative Interns


NY Creative Interns, the largest meetup for interns and recent grads in New York City, will be hosting its first all-day conference.  The conference, “Finding and Following your Passion”, will be featuring panels, discussions, and workshops tailored to give professionals the tools to create their dream careers.  It will be held at the School of Visual Arts Fine Arts Department (335 W 16th Street New York, NY) on Saturday April 21st.

“We want attendees to hear from people who are passionate about their careers and leave feeling empowered to take the steps needed to do work they truly care about.  This conference is the perfect opportunity to meet inspiring creatives [both the speakers and attendees] and to grow a support network. In the current economy, this is more important than ever when it comes to finding an internship or job, starting a small business, or working as an independent artist.”
–Emily Miethner, Founder and President of NY Creative Interns

Topics will include:

“Follow Your Art: How to Thrive as an Independent Creative”
“Internships as Interviews: How to Land the Job”
“Transitioning to the Top: Knowing How to Take the Next Step”
+ more!

As a design intern and especially as a student, it’s so easy to chill out from the networking arena and just focus on schoolwork, but it makes the world of a difference to practice networking as early as possible and to learn more from a wider range of professionals outside of your field of study.  Capturing the culture beat of your work space is also just as valuable. The speakers at the conference with be from The Guggenheim, Etsy, AOL, Mashable, MTV, Sesame Street, NBC, LinkedIn, and more.  Josh Siegal, the writer and producer of the popular television show, 30 Rock will also be the keynote speaker.

For all FIT students and alumni, we are offering a 15% discount to the event!
Here is the promotional code: FITLOVE

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