Sales and Marketing Internship at Fashion Design Concepts


Fashion Design Concepts
Sales and Marketing Intern
15 hours / 3 days a week

Fashion Design Concepts creates couture-level embroidery, beadwork and fabric manipulations. Fashion Design Concepts not only consults but also advises on design direction. Both up-and-coming and well-seasoned designers have visited our offices, which has often been referred to as the digital couture of the future.

Fashion Design Concepts is looking for a responsible intern to assist us in the sales and marketing field, projects including:
- Develop network of relationships with fashion designers, students and surrounding communities
- Market research
- Update of social media networks and website
- Design newsletters
- Sales (each sales closed results in COMMISSION)

The IDEAL candidate should:

1) Be Self Motivated/able to work independently
2) Possess a strong interest in fashion with an understanding of apparel industry
3) possess a Strong Work Ethic with a “do what it takes to get the job done” attitude
4) Be able to handle a fast paced environment (multiple projects simultaneously with deadlines/priorities changing very often)
5) Have an outgoing/friendly personality

Upon completion, the students will develop the following skills:
Will work with sales and marketing teams to learn about the industry and how to be successful
Please send resume to

March 30, 2012

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