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“To work in the fashion industry, all you seemed to need to know was how to copy. I pondered a great deal on the role of the fashion designer, and I wanted to do what a designer was supposed to do – to create and innovate”

-YING GAO in Wallpaper*


playtime from ying gao on Vimeo.

2 interactive dresses. Super organza and electronic devices. Inspired by director Jacques Tati’s film of the same title, Playtime lets the viewer reflect on appearances and the perception of objects in space

“Walking City”

walking city, interactive dress 2 from ying gao on Vimeo.

The pieces in the series Walking City, like those in the series Living Pod, were developed in tribute to the British architectural collective Archigram. In the 1960s, Archigram conceived mobile, ephemeral and inflatable structure-dwellings.

This interactive garment uses air as one of its materials. When the visitor breathes into a microphone hanging nearby, the dress inflates, as if being worn by a body, causing the wide pleat on the front to “breathe”. With this work, the artist has given aesthetic form to the immaterial—air—while at the same time experimenting with incorporating pneumatic technologies into dressmaking.
robotics : simon laroche
video : maxime giroux

“Living Pod”

The garment plays a mediating role between man and his environment. By using light, Living Pod is similar to project Walking City, which uses air to make the pieces look like they are breathing.

living pod at MNBAQ from ying gao on Vimeo.

video : etienne grenier


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