Fashion Internship Review: Peter Som


Posted on 5/8/12

Name of Company:
Peter Som

Duration of internship:
4-6 months

Did you do this internship within the last two years?

New York, NY

What kind of internship was this?
Unpaid, School credit

Number of days worked per week & Number of hours worked per week:
3 days from 10 am until 6pm most days

How did you find this internship?

What kind of work did you do and how relevant were your projects?
This is a strictly design internship. No production or sample making. I was happy that my first job was rendering flats on the computer. The rest of my internship included fabric and trim sourcing, creating prints on the computer, helping create mood boards, organizing the collection by fabric in a computer chart, archiving past collections and organizing the fairly tidy design studio. I also helped with model fittings and dressing for the show. An important part of this internship was being able to listen in on design meetings between Peter and the assistant designers.

Number of interns you worked with on a daily basis:

Describe the dress code:
Stylish Casual to Trendy Professional

Rate the level of professionalism in the office:

Please rate your internship from 1-10:

Additional comments:
This is a very relaxed internship. Everyone is very friendly. As you may have heard, Peter Som is a foodie and often brings gourmet treats for everyone. You will gain experience, and maybe a pound or two.

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