3 Reasons why I chose my fashion internship


Quality Control’s Creative Director, Rosa Ng, talks about the 3 reasons why she chose her credited internship for her senior year.

I simply refused to do another design internship unless I knew for a fact that it was worth my time.

1. Process of Elimination

Most students entering their last year of school usually have at least one or two internships under their belts and I had a few great internship and freelance experiences under mine as well.  I had done a few design internships that touched based on all the skills I had learned in school such as pattern making, draping, designing prints, and knitting.  However, by senior year,  I found myself having the hardest time trying to find a company that I wanted to intern for.

Proenza Schouler and Altuzzarra appealed to me, but I quickly turned those options down.  Proenza Schouler had horrible internship stories that have rumored themselves around over the years, and I didn’t think Altuzarra would have a knitwear department because it was such a young company.  I realized that after I had freelanced, it was hard to accept a non-paid internship.

2. Expanding my knowledge

I have already done design internships and was hoping to expand my knowledge in other aspects of the industry.  If I ever wanted to start a venture of my own, I knew that I would need to know the basics of everything that is involved in the business. You will never know when you will apply skills that you’ve learned from your previous experiences.  When I started my internship at Save the Garment Center, I was relieved to discover that all the skills I had learned running QC directly applied to this internship.  I updated the website and ran the social media aspect of the organization. I am not a social media expert but…

3. Trying something new

….after four years of design school and several design internships, I was getting tired of repeating myself. I wanted to network and meet industry professionals without having to run errands and do mundane work (Although I still do believe running errands and learning to deal with tedious work is an important part of everyone’s internship journey). The best solution I could think of to rejuvenate myself was to step away from design internships and I find myself more involved in the design industry more than ever.

Recap of my 3-month internship at the Save the Garment Center:

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written by Rosa Ng, Creative Director

edited by Tiffany Ouyang, Editor

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