Internship Review (London, UK): Good Housekeeping


Posted on 6/15/12

Name of Company:
Good Housekeeping

Duration of internship:
Less than 1 month

Did you do this internship within the last two years?

London, UK

What kind of internship was this?

Number of days worked per week & Number of hours worked per week:
worked Tues – Friday (as I was not available Monday) 9.30-5.30

How did you find this internship?
just emailed the company

What kind of work did you do and how relevant were your projects?
I was in the fashion cupboard sending back returns, checking emails and managing phone calls. These projects were important to the cupboard as otherwise it would be overrun with clothes and angry emails from PR companies needing their stuff back!

Number of interns you worked with on a daily basis:

Describe the dress code:
Whatever, but I tried to dress well.

Rate the level of professionalism in the office:

Please rate your internship from 1-10:

Additional comments:
The girls were lovely. They were so friendly and really made me feel welcome. Sometimes certain magazines can have a ‘bitchy’ air about them, with people who work there often looking down on interns, but not here.
However, the work was very minimal, basic and often boring. Nothing was challenging, but I did it anyway because it was a step in the right direction for my career in journalism.
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