RIP Anna Piaggi, Choosing the right investor, and more


Anna Piaggi, Fashion Editor With a Keen Eye for Trends, Dies at 81

ANNA PIAGGI, an oracular Italian fashion editor known for an endless array of eye-popping, wildly colorful outfits of the most peculiar combinations, ranging from vintage Patou to thermal mountain rescue coats to a uniform vest from late-period McDonald’s, died Tuesday at her home in Milan. She was 81. (NYTimes)

Finding Your M.O. | Part 5: How to Choose the Right Investors

When you start fundraising for an early stage business, you need to be clear about exactly what you are looking for from a potential investor and why. Key investor types include friends and family, professional angel investors, venture capitalists (VCs) and strategic investors. And each type offers specific advantages and usually invests at a specific stage of a company’s lifecycle. (

The Art of Dyeing: Harvesting…

Natural dyes are growing in importance as larger companies strive to find ways to incorporate them into their clothing lines. A big challenge remains regarding how to streamline the process to produce consistent colors that can be replicated in mass quantities.Awamaki, a Peru-based organization, has been promoting the practice since their start. By working with dye master Daniel Sonqo Gayoso, the organization offers Natural Dye Immersion Workshops for both locals and foreigners. Ecouterre had the chance to participate in one of the most recent retreats to the Cloud Forest where the workshops take place and returned with kilos of beautifully colored skeins of yarn. (Ecouterre)

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