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Hey everyone! Here is another weekly recap of some great articles that may interest you from the past week(s).  We were going to do recaps of these articles from around the web every Friday, but then we figured Monday would be a better day because you would all be refreshed, energized, and not tired out by the events of the week :)


On Optimism and the Current Job Market:

Young Workers: ‘Never Forget Your Dreams’ (BBC):  Everyone is struggling right now – no matter the industry or field.  You just have to keep pushing through!  Here are some really great stories from young workers all over the world and their current career trajectories and experiences.


On Fashion Affairs:

A Wake-Up Call for YSL’s PR Team (Business of Fashion):  I’m sure you all heard about the YSL/ Hedi Slimane and Cathryn Horyn debacle.  What are your opinions on this (I’m assuming there are a bunch of fashion journalist-type interns checking out the website)?  Do you think designers like Slimane need to learn how to take constructive criticism, well, more constructively?  Or do you think his debut YSL collection warranted the praise that the YSL PR team supposedly thinks it deserves?


On Inspiration:

Rag & Bone’s Wainwright and Neville Say Focus First (Business of Fashion):  An old article, but it’s always good to learn about the experiences, struggles, and stories of those who have made it in the industry.

Tory Burch Says Work Hard, Think Long Term and Be Patient (Business of Fashion):  Another oldie, but goodie.

10 Phrases that are holding your career back (Forbes):  Forbes always offers good tips and observations that you normally wouldn’t think are important.


On Randomness:

The Histories of 11 Super Famous Logos from Apple to Levis (Fast Company):  I’m sure many of you understand the importance of a logo from your company (hypothetical or not).  Here is a nice overview of the histories of logos from great companies.

Write your own fashion world open letter (New York Magazine):  I just thought this was hilarious.  If you could say anything about the fashion world (complaints, praise, and all), what would you say?

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