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Happy Monday everyone!  Here is your re-cap for the week :)


On being part of the Generation Y culture:

Youth In The Office: A Gen-Y Guidebook To Career Success (Forbes):  A compilation of all the articles you should read if you are a 20-something/Generation Y individual.


On changing jobs:

Why Are So Many Editors Leaving Magazines for Retail Brands? (Fashionista):  This sums up the recent occurrence of magazine editors deciding to work for retail brands –So, now, in addition to being on brand, content needs to be interesting, genuine and organic. And editorial experience is exactly the kind of skillset that’s needed to create that kind of content.”  Being a writer who understands clarity, flow, and storytelling is a very important and indispensable skill for those in all job sectors of fashion.


On bloggers:

Top 10 must-read fashion and style blogs (Telegraph UK):  There is a reason why these people have the best fashion and style blogs.  Each one has a unique concept or perspective that goes beyond the ubiquitous posting an outfit-of-the-day blog post.


On the future of fashion:

Designers, brands take steps toward sustainable fashion (LA Times):  “The movement is still in its infancy, but it’s an important development in an industry that’s increasingly scrutinized for its wastefulness.”


On underweight models:

Karl Lagerfeld: Models Are Not That Skinny (Huffington Post):  This may be a much discussed topic, but it is an important one.  Models are an important part of the fashion industry but there have been many cases of mistreatment, hiring underage models, and anorexic models on the runway.  Should there be tighter restrictions in terms of age and weight for models?   Do you agree that models are not that skinny and that some just can’t help their weights because of the height-to-weight ratio and pure genetics?


On finding inspiration during a creative rut:

11 Tricks For Battling Creative Blocks, From Leading Creatives (Fast Company):  We have all been stuck in a creative rut one way or another.  Here are some tips for you to find that inspiration to keep going.


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