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Quality Control is a community, tool, resource, and source of inspiration for those in the fashion industry, those aspiring to be in it, and finally for those who are simply curious.  We provide information on internship experiences for many sectors of the fashion industry, while providing resources and inspiration for fashion students and enthusiasts.

Quality Control is:
1. A COMMUNITY that is learning and sharing fashion internship experiences
2. A TOOL to provide easy-access tutorials, templates, and guides to relevant daily tasks. etc
3. A RESOURCE for those interested in the fashion industry with a thirst for knowledge,etc

Rosa Ng, Founder

Rosa graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2012 with a BFA in fashion design and a specialization in knitwear.  After taking a year off from school in 2009 to attend Central Saint Martins in London and to intern at Alexander McQueen in the digital textile and print department, she is now back in New York freelancing, knitting, and consistently drinking tea.

Our Contributors:
Tiffany Ouyang- (NEW YORK) earned her BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology in May 2011 with a specialization in sportswear. With a penchant for both active wear and writing, Tiffany is now working in the New York fashion industry with a long-term goal of reshaping the active wear industry.

Alexandra Sarabia- (NEW YORK) is a recent graduate from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She lives two lives – a life of art, design, and fashion and a life of Biology and research. Despite having immense experience in the scientific research realm, she has always been interested in fashion in all her life.  Her solution is to marry the two different worlds: eco-design, sustainable design, and fair trade. In addition to writing for Quality Control, she also works for KOTOBA, a knitwear brand solely created with WholeGarment® technology from Japanese knitting machine manufacturers, Shima Seiki.

Jessica Chung- (PENNSYLVANIA) is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania. She will be graduating in May 2013 with a major in Art History and a minor in Fine Arts.

Gemma Farquharsen- (LONDON) graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature in September 2012 with a specialization in Creative Writing. With a passion for writing and fashion, Gemma is now freelancing with a long term goal of becoming an editor and getting her novel published.

-How do I know that these internship reviews are real?
Not all internship reviews are posted due to irrelevance and lack of identification.  The reason why we ask for an e-mail address with every internship review is because we will actually look for you and match a profile to the story to make sure it is real and not typed up by a computer.
-When I submitted my review, I noticed that I had to submit my e-mail address. Will this ever be revealed?
Unless a cop comes knocking on our door looking for a motive in a murder case, no need to worry- your e-mail is 100% confidential with us.
-I wrote a review, but now I’m having second thoughts about it.  Is there any way I can delete it?
We’d like our reviewers to be adult enough to be able to think thoroughly before they speak, but if your happy fate wholly depends on the deletion of this review, then you are welcome to contact us and discuss the situation.
-How long does it take for an internship review to get posted?
Our posting schedule may vary depending on the season. Generally, the reviews are posted 1-2 weeks from posting date, but occasionally it may take longer.  If you are genuinely concerned, don’t hesitate to e-mail us an qc@underqc.com
-Will posting an internship review (good or bad) affect my chances in the fashion industry?
Anonymity is important when we post our internship reviews because it will allow us to provide an honest, unbiased account of the internship experience. Personal information of the reviewers will never be provided to other parties.  We don’t have any intention of affecting any person’s chance in the industry – we just want interns and students to be allowed the chance to have a quality internship that will really be beneficial to his or her future career. Providing these accounts will hopefully bring to light the lack of quality in some fashion internships today and initiate reform in the industry.
Add any good questions that you think are useful!

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